The Wilderhut Process

As you may already know, WilderHut is a small bespoke cabin building company specialising in design, fabrication and installation of unique, beautifully crafted structures which aim to compliment and enhance the enjoyment of their locations. Each one is unique to the place and people that will use it.

To navigate the infinite myriad of possibilities, we have identified an effective series of steps to guide the project from conception to completion. Here’s the outline of the process through which a WilderHut comes into being;

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
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Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Tom WilderHut
Arrange an initial site visit to explore and document the project scope, and establish a budget guideline.
WilderHut Process Step 2
Illustrate proposed design responses via hand sketched line drawings, along with provisional costs and specifications. We aim to have this back to you within 2 weeks from the date of the site visit.
If you are happy to proceed then a Design Fee Invoice (an additional 5% of the provisional project cost) is payable upfront, which enables detailed visual design, planning, sourcing and current costings. We aim to have this ready for your review within 4 weeks from receipt of payment.
Your input is then key over the 2 weeks following, when we have the opportunity to review and adjust the design, and define any requested variations and additional costs arising. At the end of this two week period a final quotation is issued, detailing the deposit amount due to proceed. A Service Agreement Contract will also be issued, to be signed by both parties.
Upon receipt of your deposit, the start dates can be confirmed. The deposit is typically 35% of the total cost (due to enable us to book dates), a 35% second payment (due during the build phase), and a 30% balancing payment (due on Completion). This is detailed in the Service Agreement Contract.
WilderHut Process Step 7
Sourcing and ordering of raw materials and advance booking of third party services. Please note that there will be minimum lead time of 4+ weeks on certain items, which may influence build start dates and key timeline points.
Preliminary fabrication takes place at our workshop in East Lothian, and the components are then delivered to site for installation and finishing on the proposed dates. Any groundworks required on site are also carried out during this time.
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On site installation and finishing by our dedicated Wilderhut team.
Completion sign off with yourself, and final payment. All fabrication and installation works are covered by the relevant operational liability insurances, and will be carried out by experienced and competent professionals.

*Illustrative Design Fee cost without Planning Application; £1000.00

*Illustrative Design Fee cost with Planning Application; £1750.00

*Please note that due to current material availability and price fluctuations, quotations are currently only valid for 7 days from the date of issue, unless indicated otherwise. After this time a new quotation will need to be issued to accommodate any market changes in the interim.

*Illustrative Total build & Installation cost; £20,000.00

*All fabrication and installation works are covered by the relevant operational liability insurances, and will be carried out by experienced and competent professionals.

February 3, 2023
Wilderhut designed and built a wonderful garden studio for us. From an outline sketch, Tom was able to create plans and rendered elevations and dealt with the whole planning process. The build was carried out quickly and on schedule. Tom’s craftmanship and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful and practical building, which enhances our garden and gets daily use as a leisure space and home/office.


Colinton, Edinburgh

January 11, 2023

From the start of the design process to end of the build, Tom was brilliant. At all points he was clear and kept us involved. Always contactable for any queries. Great craftsmanship and the final result was a fabulous bespoke build.


Joppa, Edinburgh

June 9, 2022

We are so pleased with our Wilderhut! The dedication, knowledge and craftsmanship of Tom and his team helped guide the project and finished result to great success. Our office has transformed the way we now live and work, providing a new, beautiful and comfortable space. The only downside is the distraction of the view of Arthurs Seat, framed perfectly in the huge picture window! Can’t recommend Wilderhut highly enough – Thanks again to Tom and the team.


Pentlands, Edinburgh